An App to convert Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030’s goal of reducing Dubai’s electricity consumption by 30%, into a mass movement, where every home owner will be able to participate and contribute.

Amazing Features

Monitor , Measure and Save

User friendly

MyGreenRank app is the easy to use app to effectively manage power consumption and to measure and share collaboration data across users, residential communities, Societies, Organizations and enterprise to create energy responsible and committed people participation


The app lets communities and organizations to have motivated and incentivized approaches to save energy through effective energy management competitions and lead boards

Power Reading

Users can feed in their energy data via Manual, OCR Aqusition and intergration with Smart meters and Automated meter reading systems, Prepaid Power Usage with Custimized Energy Packs to have Budget control on Power Usage

Predict energy usage

The App lets users to predict their energy based on their usage patterns to optimize their energy usage and to save enabling effective power management practises and changing users behaviours by providing real time and futurity energy consumption data

A Massive Movement to Save Energy

MyGreenRank App has collaboration and Social Media Integration to Inspire, Motivate peers to save energy for the future. It can generate leader boards and incentivise users on successful energy saving to be Green energy achievers

Know your Rank

MyGreenRank users can share their energy usage patterns to get them ranked and recognized , Leaders Boards are also available for communities, organizations and enterprises to bring collaborative viral Moments of an energy efficient eco system through the app

Why MyGreenRank

The UAEs has amongst the highest Ecological Footprints per capita in the world. 76% of the UAE's Ecological Footprint is due to carbon dioxide emissions, resulting largely from consumption of energy The UAE is the world’s 5th highest consumer of energy per capita in the world ,Conserving energy and water, reducing our Ecological Footprint and addressing climate change is something that concerns individuals and organisations. But it's particularly vital that Individuals,Communities and organisations get involved and make a commitment,

The App MyGreenRank is intended to convert Dubai Integrated Energy Strategy 2030’s goal of reducing Dubai’s electricity consumption by 30% and making this into a mass movement, where every homeowner will be able to participate and contribute. it is the Ultimate energy saving collabaration tool that will bring transparency, measurement and power management via prepaid energy management tools, power usage prediction dashboards and peer motivation and collaboration via Green Energy Rank Leader boards, The app can manually and Automatically grab power consumption data via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as well as inbuilt integration via Smart meters and Automated meter reading systems

MyGreenRank Energy Sustainability at Finger Tips

My Green Rank allows to Track your power consumption via manual OCR (Optical character recognition) as well as integration with Smart Meters , it lets users Track & predict their power consumption and through gamification and ranking motivate energy saving behaviors to be a energy saving committed citizens .
The App allows collaboration for better energy efficiency the app can also be used for prepaid energy where in which the users can budget their power consumption and save, tailored prepaid power packages can be availed by users to ensure their power consumption is on their pocket , .

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